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Pixcavator help

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Pixcavator is an image analyzer for scientists and researchers. The software captures objects in the image by means of contours (outlines) and produces an Excel spreadsheet with those objects locations and measurements.

To get started:


Three stages of analysis

The image analysis goes through three main stages:

  • Stage 1: automatic. The software creates a data structure that contains complete information about all possible segmentations of the image.
  • Stage 2: semi-automatic. The user moves sliders to instantly change objects’ boundaries and choose the best segmentation. The output data is also instantly updated.
  • Stage 3: manual. The user excludes noise and irrelevant details from the analysis by clicking on them.

The tabs

For more information about Pixcavator's tabs continue to one of the links below:

  • Analysis tab allows the user to load the image and start the analyze.
  • Tools tab allows the user to manipulate the image using common image processing tools and special effects
  • Output tab allows the user to view, explore and save the output data and the updated image.

Technical details

The current version is 6.0.

Note: The user's guide and the license agreement are provided with the program; they are to be found in the "Pixcavator" folder on your hard disk.

Further links

If you need learn more about our software, this site provides dozens of articles. You can start with these:

You can access these pages from the software itself if you have internet access. The links are in the "Help" menu (top right).

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