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Known problems

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Known problems with Pixcavator, bugs, etc. Contribute via email - Contact us. Also use Feature requests.

Bad "Crop" (in Tools)

"Cuts too much or too little."

We haven't been able to fix it yet. For some image formats, sometimes, the program exhibits this strange behavior. Converting everything to png has been working so far. Regardless, MS Office Picture Manager is a better choice for cropping. Paint is another choice.

Border after "Add border" (in Tools)

Border is incomplete:

"When adding a border to an image to provide edge contrast and allow more accurate counting, the border only seems to be added to the top and left edges of images."

Fixed in version 5.0.

Loading large images

For image of sizes >2000x2000 the software might crash.

Fixed in version 5.1.

Processing large images

For image of sizes >2000x2000 the software might stall or crash. Depends a lot on your computer.

To be addressed in version 5.2.

Using "Save image" and "Save table"

Might crash in some versions of Vista.

Contours: counter and statistics

Incomplete data.

"The “marked contour” counter only seems to go up to 300, although the list of objects can contain much larger numbers of objects."

This "feature" was caused by the dilemma: as I move a slider I definitely want both the contours and the summary statistics (and the table) to be updated instantly, but it’s just too slow… So I just imposed this limit.

In version 5.0 the limit is raised to 2000.

Changing the color channels after processing

If, after analysis, you go back to the Analysis tab and change the channel and then return to the Output tab, your data will be messed up, and the software can even crash.

Fixed in version 5.1.

Summary when select/deselect objects

"In the previous version (4.2) I could invert my image with the invert button in the tools tab and also in the previous version, if I de-select an area in my processed image the "total area" count would be updated automatically to compensate for the areas I de-selected. But the newer version does not update the "total area" count, after de-select the number stays the same even if I de-select all of the ID boxes."

Fixed in version 5.1.

Excel files overwritten

"when saving tables, if there are close similarities between RED, BLUE and GREEN, the default file name remains the same for the exported EXCEL file, resulting in the previously selected channel analysis (Red, or Blue or Green) being OVERWRITTEN - without any user notification"

The look of the interface

If you change Windows settings - resolution and font size, the interface may come out all messed up (sliders overlapping text etc).

Please let us know if you experience any problems!