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Image analysis software

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This table listing image analysis software was copied from a Wikipedia article (now deleted). I removed from it: the columns about the type of license, open/closed source, OS, etc. More important, in my view, data was added. Based on the inspection of their sites, I tried to answer the following questions:

  • What is the price? (In the absence of that information, I put "????".)
  • Is there a free version available for download?
  • Does the site provide examples of how the software has been used for image analysis?
  • Does the site reveal the methods/algorithms behind the software?

The descriptions came either from the original list or from the sites.


Product Developer Cost (USD) Free trial Examples presented Methods disclosed Description by the vendor Notes
Able Image Analyser Mu Labs 150 No 4 No can automatically detect objects in the image, count them and calculates their positions and sizes See more
analySIS, CELL Olympus ???? No No N/A microscopy imaging solutions globally
AxioVision Carl Zeiss ???? Yes No No carry out measurements and segmentation interactively or automatically
BioImage Suite Yale University Free Yes Many Yes graphical applications (GUI) and a set of command-line utilities 3D
CellProfiler Broad Institute Free (requires MATLAB) Yes Many N/A quantitatively measure phenotypes from thousands of images automatically See more
Clemex Vision PE Clemex Technologies inc. ???? No Many No an intuitive software program that empowers you to easily develop custom image analysis macros without writing a single line of code
Digimizer MedCalc Software 99 Yes 4 No image analysis software package that allows precise manual measurements as well as automatic object detection with measurements of object characteristics See more
eCognition Definiens ???? No Many No No. 1 Enterprise Image Intelligence® company See more
eCELLence Glance Vision Tech. ???? No 3 No Quantitative analysis for images from microscopy
Fiji Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics Free Yes Many Yes an image processing package based on ImageJ
GSA Image Analyser GSA 445 Yes No No a program for the scientific evaluation of 2D images (image analysis)
Image-Pro Plus Media Cybernetics ???? No Many No 2D and 3D image processing, enhancement, and analysis software with extensive measurement and customization features
ImageWarp A&BSoft ???? Yes No No graphic development environment, comprehensive image analysis toolset, and programming development techniques
IN Cell Investigator GE Healthcare ???? No No No interprets your data into enlightening results
JMicroVision Nicolas Roduit Free Yes Many No describe, measure, quantify and classify components of all kinds of images
NDEWIP NASA Glenn Research Center 299 No No No Nondestructive Evaluation, X-ray Computed Tomography, Ultrasonic, Microwave, Terahertz, Thermography, etc.
ImageJ NIH Free Yes Many Yes Java-based image processing program See more
PAX-it! Midwest Information Systems ???? No Many No image analysis features can be run from an easy-to-use wizard that steps you through the entire process of analyzing your images
Pixcavator Intelligent Perception 29/month Yes Many Yes Context independent image analysis: medical, scientific, industrial, microscopy, satellite etc. Source code
PlantVison KnowledgeScape ???? No No Yes Mineral Processing Feed Belt and Froth Flotation
ScanIP Simpleware Ltd. ???? Yes No N/A Biomechanics, Materials Research, Reverse Engineering, Nondestructive Evaluation, Soil Mechanics, Dental, Orthopaedics, Biomimicry, Paleontology, Forensics
TINA TINA group Free Yes Yes No a broad range of image visualisation, processing and segmentation tools 3D
Tria Image Quarktet 360 No No N/A Blind deconvolution
VIPS VIPS authors Free Yes Many Yes open source environment developed to accelerate the process of image analysis research: imaging, batch processing, high resolution, parallel processing, cultural heritage
VisionGauge VISIONx, Inc. ???? No No No let you capture, manipulate, analyze, store and output images and data
Volocity Improvision ???? No No N/A 3D-4D imaging software
WipFrag WipWare ???? No No N/A Mining, Agricultural, Forestry material analyzing technology

A couple more...


Product Developer Cost (USD) Examples presented Methods disclosed Notes
Olena EPITA Research and Development Laboratory Free 3 Yes
Mathematica Wolfram Research 2495 Many No
MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox Mathworks ???? Many No See more
SDC Morphology toolbox SDC Information Systems 699 Many Yes
OpenCV OpenCV Free Many Yes
Pixcavator DLL Intelligent Perception 700 Many Yes For code see Pixcavator SDK
SciPy SciPy community Free ??? ???
libvips VIPS authors Free Yes Yes


What is the price? In the absence of that information, I put "????" indicating that the price might be in the thousands.

Is there a free version available for download? Companies with "????" usually don’t have that.

Does the site provide examples of how the software has been used for image analysis? Very often, surprisingly little is provided.

Does the site reveal the methods/algorithms behind the software? Commercial vendors typically say nothing. I put "Yes" for all open source projects but the fact is the source code is all you get. The algorithms, the math behind them, accuracy and error issues, etc aren't discussed at all. Some claim fully automatic, "unsupervised" image analysis. That however does not mean that there are no parameters that may have to be altered. In case of Pixcavator these parameters are explicit, that's the main difference in my view.


Consider examples of image analysis that such software has to deal with.