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Some image analysis tasks require customization of Pixcavator. The main goal is to make the analysis more streamlined.

It's always been my aspiration to have Pixcavator used "in the field", by people who aren't necessarily scientists. For example, the foundry operators will be able to evaluate the metal samples on their own. However, this level of simplicity hasn't been reached yet. The way to get there seems to be via customization of Pixcavator. One current project involves a company that want to verify the quality of soldering by measuring the ratio of aluminum and copper. The idea is that the technician takes a picture, runs the software, then looks at a single number output: if the percentage is, say, 80% the quality is good, if 60% it's bad.

If you would like Pixcavator customized for you, consider this. Any serious customization would represent a major investment on our part. Unfortunately, to make such an investment now and then hope to recoup the expense from future sales isn't possible at this time. I would like you to take into account that Pixcavator may be useful for your purposes even without customization. Please consider using it, within its limitations. If there is really a demand for our software in your field, we would happily make modifications to serve this market.


Learn how to use Pixcavator!

Below you'll find a few examples of image analysis with Pixcavator.