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Pixcavator FAQ

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FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

You could start here: Pixcavator.

Why is the purchase conducted via another site?

I need to clarify something here. Intelligent Perception develops and supports Pixcavator. However, it does not sell it. RegNow does. They are the sellers of record. They take care of all credit card transactions and refunds. Essentially, you are buying from them not from us. They receive the payment and transfer the money to us at some point later. They also provide activation and copy protection for the software, as well as some support. If this arrangement is unsatisfactory to you, contact us about a site license.

Can you help me analyze these images?

We may be able to provide you with a sample of what Pixcavator can find in your images. For more meaningful results, however, the image should be analyzed by a person who knows what he needs to find in the image. One way to accomplish that is by experimenting with Pixcavator. We can help with that. However, we are unfamiliar with the terminology of your field and can’t tell what you are looking for based solely on your verbal explanations. Ideally, you would provide us with a few images that have been analyzed manually. Then we would try to reproduce your results with our software. Then, if this works, we could try to apply the analysis to other images. For more read Pixcavator technical support.

I am interested in purchasing your software. Since I work for a school I was wondering if you offered an educator’s discount?

There is only one price at this time, except for a free student edition here. It has some limitations though...

I am a researcher at .. University. How do you normally handle orders/payment from a large institution?

There is just one way of purchasing at this time - by credit card (or PayPal) - that does not involve invoices and other paperwork.

Is there any way to utilize Pixcavator from within a Visual Basic application, so I could streamline the process of obtaining the information that we need?

The whole Pixcavator is written in C++ using MS Visual Studio. There is also a way to call a C++ library from a Visual Basic program.

Can I apply a conversion factor to convert area in pixels to area in sq-in, or would I need to do that in Excel afterward?

At this time there is no feature that would convert automatically, so, yes, you'd have to use Excel. For more see Calibration.

How can I know the total number of pixels for each color in the attached image?

Unfortunately, Pixcavator does not have this feature at this time. The way the current version of Pixcavator analyzes a color image is channel by channel. A feature similar to what you need is planned for 2010. If you would like to be informed about the latest developments, please sign up for our newsletter here.

What is the runtime fee for the library?

See Pixcavator SDK.

I'm trying to transfer my copy of Pixcavator to my new machine. However, during activation I get an error that the maximum number of activations is reached. Is there anything that you can do about this?

We encounter installation issues once in a while. They are usually quickly settled. Activation, however, is taken care entirely by RegNow Inc. See also Installing Pixcavator.

An error has occurred while trying to activate Pixcavator: "Your registration could not be completed because you do not have permission to install the necessary files. Please check with your system administrator for assistance."

It is usually impossible to install software like ours on a public computer, unless you have administrative privileges. If this is not the case, consider the student edition. It has no restrictions of this kind.

Can I get a refund for Pixcavator?

Yes, we guarantee unconditional refund within 30 days. You will have to contact us first, then, upon our request, the refund will be processed by RegNow as the seller of record.

I can’t copy Pixcavator to another computer. Is Pixcavator a single-try demo version?

No, but it is licensed to one computer at a time. You should just reactivate it.

We've purchased a copy of Pixcavator but before I can load it onto any of our machines I have to fill out some paperwork (this IS the government after all!). I need: "An installation and configuration guide that addresses security issues".

There are three agents here:

  1. Pixcavator itself, the executable. It does not modify files on your hard disk and it does not create even temporary files, unless you push "Save file" or "Save table". In that case the files created are of the well known formats - excel, jpeg, bmp, etc - and are totally under your control.
  2. The installer. It was created with Inno Setup. It's been around since 1997 and is one of the standard tools.
  3. The registration/activation processor. RegNow does that.

Can I get an invoice [or receipt] for my purchase?

Please contact RegNow.