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Mathematics of computer vision: course

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This is an introduction into the mathematics of computer vision and digital image analysis: topology and geometry. (For a more advanced approach see Introductory algebraic topology: course, more math here.)

The exposition is geared towards CS students and potential and current math majors. The material is self-contained beyond high school math (no calculus). Special attention is paid to the algorithmic implementation of the mathematics. A variety of applications is considered in detail.

Topology graph.jpg


Calculus I, computer language preferred but not required.


A large part of the lectures is now a part of a draft of a book called Topology Illustrated.

Introduction: analysis of visual information and Examples of image analysis



C++, Java, or MATLAB

  • Modification of the algorithms (construction of the topology graph, analysis of the topology graph);
  • Implementation of the algorithms (motion, color, stereo, 3D, etc);
  • Practical applications of the algorithms (based on Pixcavator SDK or CHomP).


Software: Pixcavator Student Edition (free)

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