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Particle statistics with calibration

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Particles with calibration.jpg

The task for Pixcavator: "What I need it for the software to analyse the attached image in order to get an area for each particle. I compare the area with a standard 2mm square that is included in the image. I then take the values and create a histogram showing the size distribution of the particles."

I analyzed the image with these settings: 20, 10, 0, 69, 0, 255. The image is below.

Particles1x 20 10.JPG

I unmarked the light objects and saved the spreadsheet. Then I did some data processing with Excel. First I located the square, line #3248. Its area is 211, so:

 211 pixels = 2 mm * 2 mm = 4 sq mm and 1 pixel = 4 / 211 sq mm = .019 sq mm. 

I used the last number as the calibration factor in the other spreadsheet. It contains the areas in mm. It also contains the histogram of distribution of the area. I think the results make sense.

Particles statistics.jpg

Run this analysis with Pixcavator SI.

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