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Particle cleaning process

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This image analysis example came from a medical equipment company: "We have a project where we are comparing a new part cleaning process to an existing one. There is a tape lift test with particles inside a 5mm diameter that we want to analyze the area. We are looking for a comparison of the amount of clean (grey) area to particle (dark) filled area in each picture. To validate our new cleaning process, we would analyze a sample set from our current and new process to get an average % of area filled with particles and compare the two. We are considering 20-100 sample size and maybe an additional set for baseline of uncleaned parts. See attached of the pictures we took with our microvu at 20X of the area of interest. The 5mm circle is written in with a sharpie."

No clean 13.jpg No clean 1b.jpg

Prod tp cl 20.jpg Prod tp cl 24.jpg

Pixcavator was fairly successful with these images. I shrunk the images by 2X. The images are somewhat faint and may need some enhancements. On one occasion I applied "AutoContrast" and "Preprocessing" (under Tools) which improved the results a bit.





Run this analysis with Pixcavator SI.

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