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Measuring micromechanical parameters of fiberglass

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Fiberglass(v31)1x 2 0 0.jpg

This image analysis example came from a large manufacturer of fiberglass and related products: "measure the count, sizes, and area percent, of the white areas in the attached (microscopy) image."

Pixcavator 3.2 was able to solve this problem, with a few reservations:

(1) The white spots are so small (1-2 pixels) that the accuracy is quite low.

(2) Version 3.2 is set up in such a way that objects this small are ignored. This was done based on the applications we had had (without this restriction in some images there are thousands of objects). I cropped the image to get around this problem.

(3) Pixcavator shows the percentage of the white spots, but because they are so small, the the displayed percentage is simply 0%. You can get the results from the spreadsheet however.

Issues (2) and (3) were resolved in version 3.3. The result is below.


Run this analysis with Pixcavator SI.

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