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Pixcavator DLL

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This library supplies the developer with a basic tool for image analysis. The output contains the most basic data about the image: a list of all objects in the image along with their measurements, locations, and other characteristics. The DLL allows anyone with Microsoft Visual Studio to create new software based on the methods presented in this site. To understand the algorithms, read Grayscale images or this recent paper: P. Saveliev, A graph, non-tree representation of the topology of a gray scale image.

This is how the DLL works:

The image analysis part is hidden from the developer who is simply supplied with the output data.

Essentially, we take care of the math for you and let you concentrate on:

  • user interface,
  • file management,
  • data management,
  • domain knowledge.

The package provides the developer with access to the low level image processing algorithms employed in our popular image analysis software. These methods have been proven in numerous applications.

This package can be used as a component in a variety of software for image analysis applications. You can think of it as a plug-in. It is supplied as a VS C# solution.

The package contains just two DLLs and a short description. Its operation is very simple.

To understand how these parameters work, just download Pixcavator or read Pixcavator help. For some source code see Pixcavator open source.

DOWNLOAD the package here. This is a trial version and it has some limitations. The current price of the full version is

  • $2,700 per year.

The price also includes an initial image analysis consultation. If you would like a purchase the DLL, please contact us at

Pixcavator DLL is a joint product of Intelligent Perception and AssaySoft Inc..