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Fungi kill spiders

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STUDIES AND AFFECTS ON BIOSPERE DUE TO SPIDERDEGRADING FUNGI by Dr. DSVGK Kaladhar, Department of Bioinformatics, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, A.P, India, in International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research. Volume 6, Issue 1, January – February 2011; Article-011.

From the paper:

"The present research has been conducted to identify fungal species on spider and applied image analysis technique... The fungal spores are infecting spiders and also other insects, through intake of food or entering into the body by respiratory track. An image analysis technique provides much clarity in microscopic images of fungi on degrading spiders.

The images from microscopy has been analysed using image analysis softwares such as Image analyzer v1.30 and Pixcavator 2.4.1 softwares."

Figure 6 has provided the description of the stained specimen. There are 10 dark and 1 light objects visualized. Dark objects have more number of round objects (10 to 45) than the light object (3)."

Pixcavator and spiders.png