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Basic Topology by Armstrong

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Basic Topology by M.A. Armstrong

Used it once as textbook for a topology course. Thought it had too little point-set topology (mistake), so started the course with Introduction to Topology by Gamelin and Greene. Plan to use it again for Topology II -- Spring 2012, see also Topology 2: course.

I find Topology of Surfaces by Kinsey slightly preferable, in general. If you appreciate homology as I do, then choose the latter.

Applications are missing.



1: Introduction.

2: Continuity.

3: Compactness and connectedness.

4: Identification spaces.

5: The fundamental group.

6: Triangulations.

7: Surfaces.

8: Simplicial homology.

9: Degree and Lefschetz number.

10: Knots and covering spaces.

Appendix: Generators and relations