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Intelligent Perception

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Intelligent Perception Co. helps companies that have to deal with digital images to get started with image analysis. Our software is designed to be as simple and as universally applicable as a hand-held calculator.

An integral part of our mission is the development of this site. It is an online textbook of mathematics, with both early and advanced courses, and applications, research projects, and software for computer vision, image and data analysis.

We are offering Pixcavator – software and a platform for digital image analysis. Pixcavator provides unparalleled speed and flexibility in developing new software in a variety of fields. The tools that make this possible is Pixcavator SDK – Software Developer’s Kit. See also Why Pixcavator works. This site provides both the documentation for our software and its mathematical and algorithmic background.

Intelligent Perception was founded by Dr. Peter Saveliev.