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Antimicrobial study of a medicinal plant

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Pollen grain.png

ANTIMICROBIAL STUDIES, BIOCHEMICAL AND IMAGE ANALYSIS IN MIRABILIS JALAPA by Dr. DSVGK Kaladhar, Siva Kishore Nandikolla, Department of Bioinformatics, GITAM Institute of Science, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA in International Journal Of Pharmacy&Technology Sep-2010 | Vol. 2 | Issue No.3 | 683-693.

From the paper:

"Mirabilis jalapa is one of the medicinal plant, used extensively for the treatment of various diseases all over the world. Research on antimicrobial activity and Biochemical analysis specifies that the plant extracts from diethyl ether have polar compounds and shows antimicrobial properties. There are no phytochemical compounds elucidates in Thin Layer Chromatography with Ethyl acetate and methanol extracts... Diethyl ether extracts of M. jalapa is found with antimicrobial, especially antipneumonial compounds.

The microscopy image was sent to a computer-assisted image analyzers such as GSA Image Analyzer and Pixcavator, which can provide changes in staining of pollen and Meiotic stages."

Pixcavator was used for image analysis.