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Cell metal segregation and ultramicroscopy

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Xray maps (Phosphorous and Sulfur).jpg

A paper that uses Pixcavator:

Cell metal segregation and ultramicroscopy techniques: towards mammalian liver pathologies characterization [1] by Marziale Milani, Claudio Savoia, Claudia Brundu, Francesco Tatti, Grazia Santisi, published in Proceedings of ITP2009 Interdisciplinary Transport Phenomena VI: Fluid, Thermal, Biological, Materials and Space Sciences October 4-9, 2009, Volterra, Italy.

From the paper:

"Iron, Copper and Zinc are essential metals in physiological cell metabolism... Our work based on ultramicroscopy techniques focuses on some aspects of metal transport in terms of segregation, storage and distribution among the different cell compartments. An important goal is the understanding of granule building and disruption."

"To analyze data obtained from map analysis the Pixcavator software 1.2.1 (Intelligent Perception) has been employed."

Spatial distribution of Cu, Zn, P and S spots in two S-cells. The graph was performed using the coordinates x, y obtained via Pixcavator.

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