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This site was started in August 2007. Its contents initially grew from my efforts to implement some algorithms of homology theory in order to apply them in image analysis. Since it was intended to be an introduction I ended up with Computer Vision Primer. (Mathematically, it was about computational topology, but recently, I started to ask the question: what part of mathematics is NOT applicable to computer vision?)

A small part of the method described here has been implemented in a computer program called Pixcavator. The student version of the program, as well as Pixcavator SDK, is available for free download.

To get started with computer vision, prerequisites are minimal:

  • First, some calculus. Very little is required because integer (or binary) arithmetic can be applied exclusively.
  • Second, some familiarity with linear algebra would help. In the more advanced articles, I use vectors and matrices of arbitrary dimensions. Finitely dimensional vector spaces, subspaces, linear operators and their matrix representations also appear.
  • Third, a basic knowledge of C++ or another computer language might be needed for some articles. However, the code is written as a mere illustration of the algorithms. Pseudo-code is also provided. The free Pixcavator Student Edition can be used if you lack this background.

Most of the content comes from these main sources. First, I have been adding, examples of image analysis from the users of Pixcavator. There are also help files and other articles. The second is the courses I've been teaching.

Fair warning: this site won't remain free forever.

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Best of luck!

Peter Saveliev

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