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For the background see Objects in gray scale images.

Coins. The coins are captured.

Coins blurred. The coins are captured.

Coins with Gaussian noise. The coins are captured.

Comets.jpg Comets 1819 0.jpg

Parenchyma cell.jpg Parenchyma cell 578 30.jpg

liver analyzed with Pixcavator, outer contours

liver analyzed with Pixcavator, inner contours

Prd meat1 edited 7461 0.JPG Prd meat1 edited 166 113.JPG

Vision test.jpg Vision test 150 0.JPG Vision test 244 30.jpg Vision test 244 50.jpg Vision test 244 70.jpg Vision test 244 125.jpg

eye atrophy - another image atrophy captured by not quite well atrophy captured - two regions

The vessel wall is subtle but visible The outer edge of the wall is captured with red and the inner with green

Spring.jpg Spring 648 0.jpg

Spring bad.jpg Spring bad 648 0.jpg


Immunohistochemistry 3.jpg