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Wall of a blood vessel

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The vessel wall is subtle but visible The outer edge of the wall is captured with red and the inner with green

The goal here is to measure the thickness of the wall of the blood vessel in this microscopy image. The shape is very irregular so we are talking about the average thickness. Thickness and length are commonly used for this kind of measurement. However since the curve is closed, this is not an option. Instead, we set

Thickness of the ring = area of the ring / average perimeter of the ring

With Pixcavator we compute what those as follows:

Area of the ring = area inside the red contour - area inside the green contour
Average perimeter of the ring = ( perimeter of the red contour + perimeter of the green contour ) / 2

These numbers come from Pixcavator's output table.

Run this analysis with Pixcavator SI.

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