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Topology Illustrated -- Errata

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A very incomplete list of errors and typos in the printed version of Topology Illustrated is presented below. They will be fixed in the second edition.

  • List of typos by Qinghai Zhang
  • Random:
    • P. 217. In Definition 5.1, second paragraph should read: "These subsets are called simplices."
    • P. 444. In Theorem 3.78, "$m\big| q$" should be replaced with "$G$ allows $q/m$ power".
    • P. 489. In the last formula in the subsection, $g$ should be replaced with $g'$.
    • P. 536. The second picture has arrows pointing in the wrong direction. Corrected:
Cochain complexes and cochain maps.png
    • P. 624. In Theorem 4.2, "$m\big| q$" should be replaced with "$G$ allows $q/m$ power".
    • P. 333. Example 5.7 should read "They have to be open but not half-open or closed."