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Inspecting semiconductor wafers

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Coreco Geometric fig2.jpg
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An example of how Pixcavator may be useful in industrial applications. I found these pictures of semiconductor wafers in a white paper Geometric Search Techniques Break Through Traditional Grayscale Correlation Barriers by Steve Geraghty, Director of Operations, Coreco Imaging posted in Machine Vision Online [1]. These are the challenges faced by this industry. It took me about 15 minutes to run Pixcavator a few times and assemble this Excel spreadsheet [2]. The results are quite encouraging.

I ran the program for each of the images with several area settings. Then I compared the results, the number of dark and light objects (see Objects in gray scale images), with those of the original. For the scaled image, I had to scale the area settings too to have the outputs matched. The biggest challenge was "contrast reversal", figure 2. Here you have to add the number of dark and the number of light objects to have reasonable results. It is clear that the quality of the matching can be improved dramatically if one considers more different settings.

Note that the complexity of the images makes the identification task easier not harder.

This image analysis example is related Pixcavator image search.

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