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Fish counting

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Fish counting.jpg

Q: "As I am learning your software, I can tell that is built to analyze very complicated images and in our filed should be much easy... if your software can do the following

  1. Count fishes automatically from a picture
  2. Brake-down of quantity by size
  3. Determine the percentage of the fish color in total
  4. Determine the weight of each fish or the total weight for example if 1mm = 0.001g multiplied by quantity = the weight."

I've looked at the pictures. It seems that Pixcavator can do quite a lot here.

The first picture I tried has uneven lighting so it was impossible to capture one fish at a time. One can however find the number of fishes by dividing the total area by the area of a single fish, see the screenshot.

Fishes005.jpg Fishes005 Px50 1x 10 4 0 0 0 139.jpg


Most of the images however are like these. The quality is better, as a result all fishes are captured and the total is visible on the screenshot: 291.

Fishes029.jpg Fishes029 Px50 1x 30 15 0 0 0 255.jpg


This solves some of the problems outlined above but not all. To get there would require serious customization.