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Calculus II -- Spring 2019

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MTH 230 - Calculus with Analytic Geometry II. Applications of the integral, techniques of integration, and infinite series. A study of conic sections, polar coordinates, and parametric equations. (PR: MTH 229 or IST 230)

  • Time and Place: 5:00 pm - 6:50 pm TR at 518 Smith Hall.
  • Instructor: Peter Saveliev (call me Peter).
  • Office: Smith Hall 713.
  • Office Hours: MWF 2:00, or by appointment.
  • Office Phone: x4639.
  • E-mail:
  • Class Web-Page:
  • Prerequisites: excellent algebra skills, good understanding of limits, the derivative, and the integral, fluent differentiation -- Calculus I.
  • Text: Calculus by Stewart.
  • Outcomes: the student will learn to integrate and apply integration, use infinite series to approximate functions, become familiar with introductory multivariable calculus.
  • Computer Restrictions: graphic calculator TI-83 or TI-83+.
  • Activities: the student will practice each outcome via the homework given in the textbook and online.
  • Evaluation: the student achievement of each outcome will be assessed via in-class quizzes, online quizzes (, and in-class tests.
  • Grade Breakdown:
    • participation: $20\%$,
    • quizzes: $30\%$,
    • midterm: $20\%$,
    • final exam: $30\% $;

i.e., the total score is the following weighted average of the five scores: $$\text{TOTAL }= .20 \times P + .30\times Q + .20\times M + .30\times F.$$